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Archinet Projects All your project documents in one place

Every project document ever distributed available 24/7 at your fingertips, able to be shared by you at anytime.

  1. Central repository of all project documents can be accessed 24/7 from any internet connection
  2. Search engine allows users to quickly scan and find specific documents within seconds, even if the project was completed years ago
  3. Immediate electronic delivery of documents for sharing among the project team.
  4. Complete time-stamped record of each document’s history, including when it was posted, who it was posted by, who was notified about it, and who downloaded it.
  5. Restricted access document status allows individual documents to be kept confidential among select team members within a project.
  6. Electronic delivery of documents reduces paper, printing, and, shipping costs.
  7. Time-stamped document comments create an audit trail of the review and approval process.
  8. Automated email communication keeps project team updated without needing to login to the system.
  9. Document category templates insure consistent organization across all projects
  10. Reference documents such as common forms and design/specification standards can be updated in one place so all service providers will always have access to the most recent versions
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Archinet Bids Manage the bid package distribution on your projects

Simplify the bid package distribution process while maintaining strict confidentiality between bidders and full transparency to the client.

  1. A discreet set of project documents may be selected for inclusion into a bid package.
  2. Transparency during the bid process provides the client and project manager a complete view of all interaction during the bid package distribution process.
  3. Users who are specified as “bidders” will not know each other’s identities.
  4. An expiration date is created for each Bid Package so documents cannot be accessed beyond a pre-determined time frame.
  5. A record of who was notified and if/when they subsequently downloaded the bid set is on display for all people on the distribution list who are not “bidders”.
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Archinet File Bank. Upload your files from any device

Quickly and securely upload and share project files from any internet enabled device.

  1. Drag and drop to upload multiple files from a desktop computer
  2. Upload files directly from your mobile device
  3. Import files from your Dropbox or Box accounts
  4. Distribute files to your Archinet Projects