Created by the industry for the industry.

We created Archinet to simplify and declutter the design and construction process.

Archinet was started in 2003 by a group of industry professionals who were frustrated by the complexity of tools that were available to manage the project delivery process. Conceived and built by architectural professionals, Archinet empowers you to own all facets of the project, streamline the design and delivery process, and log all project-related communications no matter where you are using a suite of helpful apps.

From the very beginnning, Archinet set out to create a simple tool for clients of the AEC industry to finally own all of their project information. It is our core belief that the client who pays for the construction of a project should always have access to documents, bid packages, schedules, budgets, and every other detail that you may need to know in future years to come.

Technology has changed over the years, and our applications continue to improve. Every improvement we consider is measured against one basic concept - is it simple?

How we got started: