Perfect Details

Like Nature Itself

Contributed by Mavis Wiggins

I love detailing. In my opinion good details are essential to the success of a project.

Once you have established the overall design parti, digging into the process of making it a reality is my sweet spot. That is the opportunity to assemble all the elements into a dialogue that complete the story.

If appropriate, no opportunity should be missed to offer an interesting, sometimes unexpected experience. When done well, the end result can be as pure and perfect as nature itself.

  • The way the wall pauses to meet the ceiling, and then the floor, with a deliberately placed steel insert embedded.
  • The graceful rail carefully shaped to the contour of the hand, sensual to the touch.
  • The way the suspended light fixture is nestled into the right sized ceiling recess in perfect proportion.
  • And this one: never have the backsplash slam down to meet the counter, no matter what the materials. Stop the backsplash with a 3/4" high, 1/4" thick stainless angle. It makes all the difference for maintenance and ware, preserving the look.

I just love figuring it out and passing it along.

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  • Elevator Cladding
    Elevator Cladding
  • Drawing
  • Back Splash
    Back Splash