Transition Attention

Stone to Carpet Flooring Transitions

Contributed by Stacy Emanuel

One of my pet peeves is seeing a surface mounted transition strip between a stone floor and carpet.

When there is a surface mounted transition strip it draws attention to the transition and detracts from the beauty of both flooring materials. The flooring transition from one material to the other should be seamless.

  • Use a metal “L” shape transition strip; Schulter Strip Style : Schiene
  • Make sure that there is a note on the transition detail for the contractor to flash patch the subfloor under the carpet so that both the stone floor and carpet are at the same level.
  • When detailing the transition strip make sure that short part of the “L” is under the stone not the carpet

The “Schiene” transition strip comes in various lengths and thickness. Specify the thickness that is appropriate for the stone product specified. When it doubt call your rep. and he/she will help you spec the correct thickness.

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  • Schiene