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Your Logo Can Tell Your Story

Contributed by Gladys Yue

My fascination with logos began during a trip to the beach with my dad in his BMW at age 7.

My dad is an avid BMW fan, and as we drove down the highway to the beach in his black BMW 325i that day, he gushed about his beloved carmaker and the history of its logo, giving me a detailed account of its ties to aviation, how the alternating blue and white quadrants represent propellors spinning through the sky. I didn’t realize until many years later that this moment would spawn a love for logos and design.

Logos are a fascination around which I’ve built a career, spending hours, days, and weeks figuring out who to best represent an organization through its logo and applying that mark onto tiny business cards, dramatic feature walls, and even atop skyscrapers.

Logos are a major part of a brand. For an office or building entry, it is also the first brand expression that greets visitors to your space. It deserves as much attention to detail as a boardroom or meticulously configured work area. Never attach your logo to a wall without considering the following:

  • Size Matters. The logo sign needs to complement the space and the overall experience. Decide if you want to make a big first impression or a subtle introduction.
  • Material World. Select the material and finishes that best reflect your brand’s personality. Just as a night gown is [hopefully] constructed differently than an evening gown, the materials you select for your logo mark should be those that best represent your brand and purpose.
  • Location, location, location. Visitors should be able to spot your logo without effort. After all, visiting your office shouldn’t resemble an eye test.
  • Together is Better. The background against which the logo is placed should complement, not interfere with, the sign.
  • Fabrication Quality is Key. Visitors will always remember if your logo is missing the dot of the i or is sliding off the wall. This reflects poorly in not only how others perceive your brand but how you perceive your own brand. Don’t consider this lightly!

As it’s likely both the first and last thing visitors to your space will see, considering these points will ensure that your logo sign reflects your brand’s personality and makes an impactful statement. While not everyone will have a chance to learn about the history of your company, you can use your logo to give visitors a glimpse into your story.

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